Andrea is a qualified Myotherapist who believes in developing a treatment plan that is soul-aligned and individually structured to ensure each treatment provided is to the utmost benefit of every client she treats. Andrea is a bubbly, outgoing and caring person and practitioner who is passionate about life, and enjoying it pain free.

Since graduating from RMIT, Andrea has developed a passion for pain education and pain management. She believes that pain is multifaceted and a holistic approach is required to help it. Andrea has a special interest in nerve pain conditions and chronic pain conditions.

Andrea specialises in Myofascial Release, Myofascial dry needling, cupping, static and dynamic stretching and other Myotherapy techniques. She also introduces pain education as a form of treatment during her sessions.

Andrea is an intuitive therapist who believes in the connection between the energetic, auric field and how that may impact the physical body. Using biological and scientific knowledge of Myotherapy, Andrea can also navigate and intuitively treat to the client’s specific needs.