Case Management

Ongoing selfcare when dealing with a chronic illness can be a lonely and confusing process. At various times you may feel that you are flying blind, desperate for support or just working on surface symptoms without getting ongoing relief or tackling the deeper issues. Finding qualified support, someone who will help you make informed decisions about your health can ensure you have a supported, streamlined, safe, efficient, effective and financially achievable plan to ongoing health, wellness and autonomy.

Case Management provides access to a professional on the inside of the health machine.  If you need help to navigate the ins and outs of the existing medical system and help you find relevant health services and therapies necessary for you to attain your personal health goals, a Case Manager can assist you.  Having someone on your side to support you is what a case manager does - someone who listens to what you want to achieve, what services you want to use, what your priorities are, what your budget is, what your constraints are - and then guides you with the physical, mental and financial costs of your individual needs.  A Case Manager helps you track progress, follows up on how you are feeling and responding and gives you objective and independent information and guidance on your options and potential next steps.

At Western Health Collective we are set up to do exactly this.  Our Director and Case Manager, Jennifer Cook, leads a highly qualified team of practitioners in modalities picked to support those with ongoing health issues. The Collective consists of a muscular skeletal team, with Osteopaths and Myotherapists, plus practitioners in Remedial Massage and Myofascial Release. Our Naturopath, qualified in Health Sciences, takes a tailored approach to each case, incorporating relevant pathology results. We also have a large mental health care team that recognises the mental support required in dealing with chronic conditions.  This includes Counsellors and Psychologists for adults, children, couples and families, Clinical Psychology, as well as Clinical Hypnotherapy for specific addictions and goal achievement. We boast a team of Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors who provide acupuncture and herbal medicine as well as a Reflexologist who utilises both facial and feet reflexology to support the body’s multiple systems, as used in the largest public cancer and maternity hospitals around the world, including the Peter Mac Hospital.

We can work with your GP and specialists, as well as source complementary therapies for you that you may need but are unavailable at our clinic.

Case Management is about you. Your goals and your needs. Your ongoing health, wellness and autonomy. 

So how can we help you? Book an appointment online at your convenience or call 9687 5670 to talk to Jennifer to plan how best to start.