Christine is our highly qualified naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who works with both adults and children incorporating step by step wellness programs that benefit whole families.

She is a passionate practitioner with a strong desire to assist people in being the best that they can be, in health and in life, while implementing an integrated mind-body approach.

Christine's approach is not only dealing with the symptoms, but also helping discover and treat the underlying cause of your condition. Starting with the science of pathology and integrating modern medical understanding and a knowledge of pharmaceuticals and interactions, Christine can create individual health plans that take into consideration your current health practices and boost the effectiveness of these with the science of whole foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements to achieve greater long term results.

Much of Christine's work has stemmed from implementing emotional health programs and working with people with chronic health conditions such as anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, chronic pain & fatigue.  Her passion is working with whole families to restore everyone to their optimal health.

If you have difficulty with managing your energy levels or your chronic condition, please bring your recent blood test results to your consultation with Christine who can then assess your pathology results and if needed refer your results onwards to a Haematologist for further blood analysis.

For a free ten minute consultation you can call 9687 5670 or book these online.

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