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Elise is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who studied with the Institute of MindEnergetix, and is now part of the teaching team for future practitioners. MindEnergetix is a unique modality that uses hypnotic trance to access the clients subconscious mind and find the core event that has created the issue holding them back. With this modality we clear out old stored emotions, feelings, and beliefs so the client can move forward with ease. MindEnergetix neutralises automatic pre-conditioned responses, allowing the ability to consciously re-frame beliefs. Accessing and embodying personal truth allows an approach to life feeling freer and more connected to your true self.

As well as being effective for solely emotional issues, MindEnergetix also works well for issues and conditions that present physically but may have an emotional core such as:

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Addictions and Compulsions

  • Infertility

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Chronic Illness

  • Gut Health Issues and Food Intolerances

Elise believes that emotions are an integral part of being human and it is very important to de-stigmatise the expression of emotions in everyday life. When working with Elise you will receive ongoing support and take home activities to integrate your sessions that reflect this. With Elise, all of you is welcome. She is experienced in working with emotional repression, grief, loss, body dysmorphia, and addictive compulsive disorders.

Elise is also currently studying to be a doula with Angela Gallo and is an advocate for conscious conception, pregnancy, and birth. She plans to pair her hypnotherapy work with doula work, preparing future parents for the life changing event of having a child. At this stage Elise is already offering her hypnotherapy services to people in planning to conceive a child. 


When you book a session with you will be sent a welcome email with a video explaining MindEnergetix. It is very important for your conscious mind to understand what is happening so it can relax, feel safe, and step aside for the subconscious mind to take centre stage. In the same email there is an intake form for you to fill out so that Elise can have an understanding of your background and intention for the session.

When you arrive at your session you will both talk for as long as necessary us to pinpoint what you really need as a result of the session. This talk will encourage self awareness and be the intention for the session.

Once you decide on an intention Elise will guide you into hypnosis; this is simply a state of deep relaxation. She will then guide you to regress to the very first time you felt the feelings associated with the issue you intend to work on. Your subconscious mind with provide us with the memory or metaphor and Elise will guide you to work through this and clear out the energy that is no longer serving you.

You will both continue to work with memories and metaphors that present until you feel the issue you brought into the session has cleared.

When you feel complete Elise will wake you from hypnosis and will recap the session for you and give you recommendations for self care for the rest of the day. After you leave you will receive an email from her once again recapping the session, explaining how to be aware of the shifts the session has given you, and some at home activities to integrate the clearing. A 15 minute call will be booked for 2 weeks after the session for integration support.

Please be aware that Elise recommends these sessions as ongoing therapy and offers packages of sessions for a discounted price. She suggest one session per month.


The style of hypnotherapy Elise practices uses the power your mind the clear out energy that is stored in your body or consciousness as emotions, triggers, beliefs, stories, and pain. This is essentially a way to fast track your emotional growth and healing.

For example, have you ever felt stuck in an emotion? You feel sad, angry, resentful all the time and just can't shake it? In a session with Elise she will grasp onto the energy of the emotion (E-motion is energy in motion), find the cause of that emotion and guide you to clear it so it no longer effects you.

This works the same for 'being triggered'. For example when your boss is angry you may feel like it is your fault even if it isn't, that’s called being triggered and Elise would have you tap into that feeling into the body to heal it.

Your beliefs shape your perception of the world, so for example if you believe "I'm not good enough", your perception will be clouded by that belief and you will only ever see proof to reinforce that to be true . MindEnergetix is a powerful way of changin our beliefs as beliefs are stored in our subconscious.

For more information please see her website www.elisewest.com or email elisewest87@gmail.com

Elise is available at Western Health Collective on Mondays.