Elise is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who studied with the Institute of MindEnergetix. MindEnergetix explores the idea that emotions can be stored and released from the body. Strong unresolved emotions, over time, create patterns in our lives and potentially present as unbalanced behaviours, addictions or physical ailments.

In a session with Elise, you will sit back and relax in a comfortable chair and be guided into a state of hypnosis to access your subconscious mind. From there you will be guided to explore and track these issues to release them permanently. Elise will facilitate your own awareness helping you identify where in your body you hold certain emotional imprints. Together you can transform your relationship with your emotions in a way that will profoundly change your life.

This therapy is effective for:

  • Emotional repression

  • Addictions and compulsions

  • Eating disorders

  • Weight loss

  • Gut health issues and food intolerances

  • Infertility and sexual dysfunction

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Feeling overwhelmed, fatigued or stuck

  • Grief

One session can bring deeply profound change to your wellbeing, however, Elise recommends these sessions as ongoing therapy and offers packages of sessions for a discounted price (she suggest one session per month).

For more information please see her website www.elisewest.com or email elisewest87@gmail.com