As a Psychologist with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Maree has undergone extensive training to help her understand, prevent and relieve distress and dysfunction. She also has over 10 years experience in the private and public mental health care industry where she has provided individual, couple and group therapy to clients aged 4 – 80 years. In her approach, Maree respects that the needs of each client will be unique and cannot be simplified by a generic diagnosis or treated in a generic way. Therefore, every client will be afforded the opportunity to be listened to deeply at their own pace and following an assessment, offered tailored treatment.

Maree often works with children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional difficulties and/or are exhibiting challenging behaviours, as well as the families who are supporting them. However, she also works with adults especially around relationship issues and mood disorders.

Depending on the client, Maree utilises developmentally appropriate and evidenced based approaches such as interpersonal, psychodynamic, behavioural and play therapy as required. Within a warm, safe and accepting space these approaches allow Maree to maximize each individual’s ability to engage by relating to them on their level and in a collaborative way. All the while supporting them to increase their emotional vocabulary and understanding, ultimately facilitating the removal of emotional, relational and developmental road blocks and supporting constructive changes.