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Michael has been practicing hypnosis and hypnotherapy in a clinical setting for more than 7 years. He studied hypnotherapy at the Government Accredited Academy of Hypnotic Science and is a Professional Member of The Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association. You may have even heard him on the radio, on stations Kiis FM, 3RRR and Fox FM.

For more on Michael go to: http://www.hypnotherapymelbourne.net/

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and can assist you in changing habits such as quitting smoking, dealing with anxiety, losing weight or boosting your confidence in public speaking. It is also a unique way of assisting yourself to make big changes in your life - but faster than perhaps it might take you under will power alone. Need to make changes for your health? Change your diet, or your reliance on certain foods? Is your health dependent on those changes? Have a talk to Michael and see how he can help make those changes happen smoother and with more staying power.

Michael is also a experienced remedial massage therapist and you can find out more about his work at http://remedialmassagemelbourne.net