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Jasmina Kotorac is our skilled Reflexologist and graduated from the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation here in Melbourne. Jasmina has a strong thirst for knowledge and has just completed the Facial Reflexology Diploma. Never one to slow down Jasmina has many years of experience in the health and well-being industry with 15 years spent as a physiotherapy assistant. Her knowledge of the body is especially beneficial in this new career of Reflexology.

Jasmina has a passion for health and feels very strongly about the connection that we make in all the things we do in lifestyle and environment and how this affects our health - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Jasmina works holistically (whole body) to ensure her clients are always striving to their goals. She particularly loves to work with those dealing with chronic and autoimmune conditions and due to being a Grandmother, she has a special soft spot for her mums and bubs. Working with the face and feet Jasmina stimulated the whole central nervous system to promote relaxation which is where repair and rejuvenation start to work. This work also assists with removing stressors from the body, in all muscles, tissues, glands and organs. This ancient hands on therapy is a brilliant complement to a health management plan. It is used in conjunction with maternity hospitals and with oncology at Peter Mac Hospital (Australia's largest and only public Cancer hospital).