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Kinesiology is a holistic discipline which brings all parts of our being – physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual - into alignment. It has it’s origins in the disciplines of applied
kinesiology/chiropractic and Chinese Medicine. It is a body based, grounded, functional
modality that brings relief.
As a kinesiologist Clair has extensive experience working with clients in all phases of
life, from early childhood to the senior years. Her passion is working with individuals and
families at significant points of change, such as new parenthood, the teenage years,
divorce, career transition and health crisis.
With 25 years of experience (and counting) Clair works by challenging unhelpful stress
responses via the process of manual muscle testing. She works with the client to
identify behavioral patterns and beliefs which are causing limitation, pain, stress or
anxiety.  Alignment is achieved by a variety of interventions, bringing together the
disparate elements within the individual, to a place of ease.
Clair’s style is to work with the wisdom of the client, supporting the process with a
solution-oriented approach to assist in developing behavioural flexibility, increased
awareness, reducing stress, and ultimately the emotional freedom to respond fully to
life’s periodic challenges.
In addition to her kinesiology skills, Clair has valuable experience in the broader
business environment. She is a qualified and certified Executive Coach and Conflict
Management Coach with expertise in leadership development and evaluation. Clair can,
and does, generously incorporate these broader skills into her practice with her clients.
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