How many times have you walked into a clinic and felt like a number, just part of a behemoth health machine that will tell you when it's ready for you?

Through our collective experiences, we’ve encountered many health clinics that are cold, sterile and transactional, offering little for your well-being while seeking treatment.  There’s often a few token magazines to occupy your time while you wait in the cramped waiting room, possibly current, but ultimately that you have no care for.  Somewhere a TV may be blaring at you the worst that free-to-air TV can offer – as if that somehow is of benefit.  In reality, these token efforts are to distract you from the drudgery of the system.

The health system in Australia has geared itself to being purely transactional.  And you will find that almost all health practices will treat you as a number that must be dealt with. 

At the Western Health Collective, we put your needs first.  We recognise that if you’ve booked in to see a practitioner, you not only want to be on top of your health, but that you should be supported and comforted on the way there.  Our space has been created so that it’s gentle, serene, warm, welcoming and above all, supportive.  We’ve designed it so that you feel comfort when you walk in the door and our people will greet you warmly and treat you as an individual.   

It’s part of what makes us special and unique and we reckon that you’ll think so too!  Come and check us out!