Tired of feeling sick and tired? Tania is the integrative medical scientist here at Western Health Collective, she is our “health detective” helping you and your practitioner put the pieces of your health jigsaw together. She gives you answers to your chronic health concerns so you can better understand and improve your overall health.

She uses using specialised testing such as microscopic blood analysis which looks at a range of health parameters including leaky gut, immune function and inflammation, low level infections, liver and cardio-vascular health and balance of essential nutrients. It is very sensitive and can pick of indicators of subtle, early changes which may lead to a more serious health state. Plus it gives you practitioner heaps of valuable information and direction and as you know we are all about preventative medicine here at WHC.

She also helps make sense of all your pathology test results particularly if your Dr has said they are all normal yet you still don’t feel well and know something is not quite right. She compares your results to a healthy person and does extra calculations to dig really deeply in to what is going on for you. She can then help you make a plan based on your health concerns and your results so we as a team can get you feeling fantastic again.

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