Vanessa Shribman, Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), is an holistic physiotherapist. She owns the Coast Yoga Centre in Adelaide and runs her private practice there. She has recently relocated to Melbourne to be closer to her children. 

Vanessa has studied extensively since completing her degree and utilises integrative hands-on therapies to relieve chronic and acute pain. She uses these techniques to treat the body as an integrated whole. There has traditionally been a place for hands-on practitioners to feel and sense what the body needs. This requires trusting what the therapist feels under her hands. Each body is unique and so this treatment is often limited in what it can achieve.

The body is a complete entity which most of the time works. It has complex healing patterns and very often just needs to be supported and nudged in the right direction in order to heal. The body does not need to be pushed, shoved and forced. The techniques that Vanessa uses listen to the body and support it to heal. She aligns muscles and joints with muscle energy technique, relieves tension around the organs with visceral manipulation in the Barral tradition. She works with cranio sacral therapy in order to align the pelvis and relieve tension in the nervous system and works with trigger point therapy to relieve tight muscles.

Holistic Physiotherapy can help relieve:

  • Acute and chronic back pain

  • Headaches

  • Neck pain

  • Hip and knee pain

  • Upper back stiffness and pain

  • Bladder urgency

  • Sciatica and discogenic pain

Vanessa is also a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher of 30 years and specializes in therapeutic yoga and back care.

Back Healing Package

Backs heal! I have worked with many patients who have successfully used a combination of holistic physiotherapy and yoga therapy to heal and emerge from chronic pain. You don’t need to live with constant pain and the fear and insecurity it brings. Collaboratively, we can develop a program which, over three months, will support you in returning to a normal active life without chronic pain.

Vanessa works at the Western Health Collective on Wednesdays. She has both 45 minute and one hour appointments available.